1. Participation


  • 3rd International youth choral festival ''AEGIS CARMEN'' 2023, Koper / competition is meant for children's choirs up to 15 years, youth choirs up to 19 years, choirs up to 30 years and Virtual choirs (no age limit).   .  
  • Only amateur choirs are allowed to participate in the competition. 
  • Conductors and possible accompanying instrumentalists can be professional musicians. 
  • The number of singers cannot be less than 12; however, there is no upper limit. 
  • The number of participants is not limited.
  • The artistic board named by the organization committee will determine whether a certain choir will be admitted to the competition. 


The decision will be based on the artistic quality of the choir, evident from the application and video recording. 


2. Application materials


The choirs must:

a) fill in the APPLICATION and send it to choirs© 

b) send the application material over Wetransfer to choirs©

1. A video of the choir made after March 2022 and previously not published online or sent to other competitions. 

2. One copy of a readable score of registered composition. 

3. A short description of the choir's activity.

4. An interesting photo of the choir, which must be high resolution.

5. A statement that the video has not been submitted to other competitions or posted online (FB, YouTube). 

If made as a VIRTUAL CHOIR it is necessary to add::

6. A brief description of the video concept.

7. Information about the technical team that prepared the video.